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Cathy Dee & The Riot Diaries - A Diary of Absurdity since 2008

The Zephyr Files

Cathy's latest project is the Diary of her foal Lord LubbaDuck - Hilarious and filled with beautiful photographs from the birth on 20th Nov 2012, follow the adventures of his lordship as he explains life - as he sees it...

The Zephyr Files The Zephyr Files

The Diaries...

Started many years ago as an antidote to a crippling illness, the Riot Diaries began as an amusing distraction for me. I determined to write about something that had made me giggle (and illustrate it ) just to make my day and it worked.

As an antidote to depression I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

All the stories are true and so are the characters in them...





The Zephyr Files...

More fun than a Bag of Barley.
The absurd musings of a baby horse - a photographic account of The Growth and Thoughts of Lord LubbaDuck, aka Zephyr Moo.

A Diary of Absurdity...

The Riot Diaries - a daily dose of absurdity and real life on Planet Dingle.

ilLegal Disclaimer...

Contact me if you really want to

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Wine Labels...

If you'd like an absurd label on your gift bottle of wine, talk to me, and I'll think about it.

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Cathy Dee, BS

Does a lot of stuff like the dishes, the garden, riding the horses, shooting people and occasionally writing and illustrating something silly.

Zeus Booster, House God

Z. Booster, God of the House, the Alpacas and the Sheep, helps when he feels like it.

F. Possovitz, Attorney at Paw.

Absolutely no help at all but she is decorative.

Meet the other membrs of our team...

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Cathy teaches these popular WORKSHOPS ...

*Drawing for the Pencil Challenged

*Botanical Drawing for Beginners

drawing by Cathy Dee - Clematis

Other Stuff

Cathy does a lot of other stuff too. she used to be a top NZ professional photographer but she just shoots people for fun these days.

Graphic design is something Cathy does well too, Logos, Brochures, Business Cards, Letterheads etc, she can even create small websites - like this one.


If you'd like a beautifully designed small business website contact Cathy now!

Fabulously Happy Clients include ...


Another thing Cathy does.